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Your One Stop Shop for sending gift packages to your family or friends in the Georgia DOC Prisons.

align="center">Requirement of the Georgia Department of Corrections
The buyer/sender of the package must be on the inmates approved visitor list.  While a person may be listed on the visitors list for physical visits, anyone who is an active probationer is not approved to purchase or send in a package.
A message from the Georgia DOC -

“Per the requirements of the Georgia Department of Corrections “GDC” all packages purchased for inmates incarcerated in the GDC will only be allowed to be purchased by individuals who are registered on the specific inmate’s visitation list. If you are not currently registered please visit the GDC website at and review the “Offender Families and Friends” section titled “Visitation – GDC Policy” on the procedures necessary to become registered. Access Securepak is required to compare the visitors name and other contact information as supplied by the GDC to the individuals name and contact information supplied Access Securepak during the package purchase process.”

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