New Hampshire Media Program


• Send messages to your loved one at any time, day or night. You and your loved one can keep in touch faster, easier and cheaper than sending mail through the post office! Messages will go directly to your loved one if they have an AMP’D MP3 or MAXXpro4 player.

• Start sending messages today! For more information about the Secure Mail program, or to purchase a message packet go to 



• The MAXXpro4 holds approximately 1,400 songs. Search directly from the media player to select desired music from a library of millions of songs. The player is programmed with inmate's name & number for personal security. Features an FM radio, Life-skills videos, and more!

• The educational Life-skills videos include the following: Job Interview Skills, How to Wash Laundry, Creating a Budget, Meals on Budget, and many more!

• AMP’D MAXXpro4 player comes with one each of the following: ear bud headphones and an owner’s manual.

• Select from a music catalog containing millions of songs from all genres.

• Unlimited Music! There’s no limit to the songs that can be owned! The songs can be simply removed from the player to make room for more. The download feature makes it easy to re-download previously removed music free of charge! With MAXX, once the music is purchased, you always own it!

• No refund after order has been placed.

• Manufacturer’s Warranty: Only covers manufacturer’s defects up to 60 days from purchase.

• Upon release, with a $24.99 unlocking fee the security software can be removed to have continued use of the MP4 player and all of the previously purchased music.


• Only one MP3/MP4 player allowed in possession per inmate.


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