Families and friends, please note that the Quarterly Food Program is currently suspended at all Department facilities until further notice.  The Department is working on a new program that meets the security requirements of the Department and will make the program available to you and your incarcerated loved ones as soon as possible.  There is no change to the Quarterly Package Program or Outbound Program which are still in place.  Thank you for your understanding while the Department works to make this Program available again. 

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 Florida Property Quarters:
Quarter 1 (February 1 – April 30)
Quarter 2 (May 1 – July 31)
Quarter 3 (August 1 – October 31)
Quarter 4 (November 1 – January 31) 

·         During the 1st month of each quarter, only the inmates are allowed to place orders during a specified 5 day window approved by FL DOC

Inmates are allowed to receive 1 package per quarter.  That 1 package can either be purchased by the inmate or by a family/friend.
If an order has already been placed by the inmate, the family/friend
cannotplace an order as well.

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