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Customer Comments
"Hi!!! What a FAST, QUICK, EASY to USE site. It's AWESOME!!! Thanks for a GREAT Shopping Experience!!! "
- Frank
"Easy to use web site...Thanks"
- Rich
"This was much easier than going to the store and purchasing items,then having to pack a box and weigh the box for the correct weight.The whole experience of ordering in the comfort of my home and having not to rush through was very pleasing. Thank you so much."
- JoeAnne
"I thank you for starting this system . I received my honeys order today and was able to go right to your site and place the order tonight. It was very easy. You made this simple and easy thanking you in advance. "
- Glenda
- Lynda
"This allows me to get what my husband wants and still surprise him with some goodies as well. Thank you very much!"
- Mary
"This is my second time using your system. I love it!!! Shopping made easy!!! Thank you!"
- Linda
"Used the "quick order entry" - very efficient for items you know you want . . . and the system seems very efficient."
- Bob
"Hi, you guys have made things much easier for us to order things for our loved ones in prison. Thank you! LadieBird!!"
- Ladie
"This is great!! I have a very busy schedule and this is just so easy for me. Now I can place the order from home and know my loved one will receive it quickly. "
- Vickie
"A thousand thanks for this service. This means a lot to me, especially since I’m residing in Switzerland it’s not easy to send packages to Corcoran from here."
- Veronica
"Today was the first time I have used the Access Securepak system online, I like it, I like it and I like it! Let your fingers do the shopping. "
- LeRoy
"In the past I have wandered around aimlessly looking for plastic coffee containers, the right size cheese, cookies, and candy packages. Then it was a bother to find the right size shipping container, put everything together, seal the box, lug it to the post office to check the weight, have to re-open the container when it was over weight, sign the quarterly paper slip and pay that outrageous shipping charge. It was a real blessing and a huge savings to use your services. Thank you all at Access!"
- Cindy
"Thank you for the low prices. Other companies think they can overcharge because they are in prison. This was the easiest shopping I have ever done. Thank You"
- Denise
"This is a very helpful site to use. I would recommend it to others. I have tried to get packages together before, it was such a hassle the shopping and trying to count the weight, getting the box, then making sure it fit in the box. What a nightmare, but now it was very easy. It took me weeks to go the other route. So definately thank you so much for this new way of getting goodies to our loved ones! "
- Denise

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