Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MyCarePack and Access Securepak?
Both MyCarePack and Access Securepak are package programs operated by Keefe Group, LLC, designed to allow family members and friends to purchase packages for shipment to inmates located within correctional facilities in the United States.  MyCarePack is now hosted on the Access Securepak platform, allowing MyCarePack customers improved access to a Customer Service Team.
Will I have to create a new Customer Account?
Yes, but only if you were a prior MyCarePack customer.  MyCarePack and Access Securepak will allow customers to purchase packages from either program provider using the same customer account, once you have created an account on this platform.
What if I'm not sure about the recipient's ID#?
All deliveries are based on the recipient ID# and not on name. If you are not completely sure that you have the correct ID#, please take a moment to check your records before submitting your order. Any order submitted with an incorrect ID# is the sole responsibility of the person submitting the order. cannot refund or replace orders due to an incorrect recipient ID#. Note: Some facilities feature an Inmate Identification tool which can be found on the store home page to assist identification.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit/debit cards.  When paying by credit card, include the card number, expiration date, card verification number (three-digit number on back), and card holder’s name, address and telephone number. Credit/debit will be charged on the day the order is shipped. Refunds or credits will be applied to the original card used.
My order is failing to go through and I do not know why. has high fraud prevention settings. To continue to provide this service it was necessary to elevate fraud protection for our customers. Part of the fraud detection is sends the billing information you have entered to your credit card/bank issuer. The credit card/bank issuer returns a response to whether this information matches what they have on file. Please note is not responsible for the information we receive from the bank/card issuers, however, here are some possible solutions:
  • Have you entered the correct billing address and verified it with your bank/credit card issuer. (This information can also be found on your bank/billing statement.) Also see what is Address Verification?
  • Have you entered the correct card security code on the back of your bank/credit card?
  • Have you entered your correct credit card number without spaces or dashes?
  • Have you entered the correct card expiration date on the front of your credit card?
  • Have you checked your current bank balance/credit limit for enough funds to make your purchase?
  • Have you checked the spending limit for the institution? Buying limits set forth by institution and can be found on the facility home page.
What is Address Verification?
When making a purchase on, Address Verification is used to verify the billing address on your credit card. This is used as an added security measure to protect our customers. If the address you enter does not match what the issuing bank has returned to us, will reply with an error message, in which case, you will need to contact your bank/credit card company. Here are some suggestions on the formatting of your address, however, it is best to verify exactly what your bank/credit card company has on file:
  • PO Box 9876
  • 9876 PO Box
  • POB 9876
  • P.O. Box 9876
  • 2113 1st St. SE Apt 3
  • 2113 SE
How will the charge show up on my credit / debit card statement?
Once an authorized charge has been settled it will appear on your credit/debit card statement as “Access/MCP Inmate Pack”.
Why would the dollar amount that appeared on my credit / debit card statement be lower than the dollar amount I agreed to at time of order placement?
The difference of the dollar amount of the order when placed versus actually charged could be the result of out of stock items, inmate status or other spending restriction changes that occurred after the order was placed.  The settled amount will never be greater than the amount authorized at time of order placement.
Are prepaid credit cards accepted on
Prepaid cards must have a verifiable United States address.  You must first contact the prepaid credit card company to register a billing address for the card before placing your order.
How do I check the status of an order or ask other questions?
We will email a confirmation number to you within two business days of receiving your order. 
  • Visit and enter the confirmation number or inmate number. 
  • You can also live chat with a customer service representative during regular business hours—Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.–11 p.m. CST and Saturdays, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. CST.
  • Call 866-643-9557 any time day or night to access our automated system. 
  • Customer service representatives are available during regular business hours.
Is it safe to use my credit card on this website?
The protection of your privacy is one of our top priorities at We contract with Verisign to provide the highest levels of safety and security while shopping on our site. Please see our Privacy Policy located on the home page for more information.
How many orders can I place for one recipient?
This will vary per facility. Please review the ''Facility Guidelines'' on the facility's homepage.
If the recipient cannot receive the items I ordered, what is your policy?
A MyCarePack Representative works directly with the correctional institution to determine what products are allowed at the facility. If an item has been ordered that is not allowed, we will attempt to find a similar product substitution and if this is not possible, the order will be adjusted and the amount charged will be less that the amount originally authorized.  If the problem occurs after the order has been charged and shipped a refund will be issued if the problem cannot be resolved allowing a product to be delivered to the inmate.
Can an item become out of stock or unavailable after I place my order?
Yes. If an item becomes out of stock or unavailable after the order is placed, will increase the quantities of items already ordered to use the funds from the unavailable items or issue a refund. This will depend on when the out of stock or unavailable item is expected to arrive at My Care Pack.
What if something is broken, damaged or missing from my order?
We will issue a refund for or replace broken, damaged, or missing products reported by facility staff. We cannot honor reports of discrepancies from inmates’ families or friends.

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