COVID-19 Call Center Availability:
Due to COVID-19, Call Center hours maybe increased or decreased as necessary. Thank you for your patience.

What are the processing fees per order?  
There is a $1.95 processing fee on all orders.

Can I use my Access Securepak account to place an order?  
Yes, all accounts created for Access Securepak can be used to place take-out orders. If you have never ordered with Access Securepak, then you will need to create a new account to place an order.

 What happens if an order has been identified as fraudulent?
The fraudulent order is associated with an inmate and customer. Both the inmate and customer’s privileges are revoked.

 What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit/debit cards (that have a verifiable United States address). When paying by credit card be sure to include the card number, expiration date, card verification number (3 digit card verification number found on the back of the card), card member's name, address and phone number. We do not accept prepaid cards that lack the ability to assign a valid United States address to the card holder. Orders placed with a credit, debit or pre-paid card will be charged on the day the order is placed. Any refunds/credits due will be applied to the original card used. Please allow additional time for refunds/credits to be processed when using a prepaid card.

My pre-paid credit card does not have a billing address. Can I use it on this site?
You must first call, or visit the website, of the pre-paid credit card company to register a billing address for the credit card so that you can use it for online shopping sites that validate a billing address. Our site always validates a billing address.

How do I check on an order? 
You can call us at 1-844-343-0812.

How do I report a discrepancy with the order (item missing, wrong product, etc)? 
All discrepancies must be reported/addressed by the inmate at the time of delivery with the staff.  

Are sales final?
Yes, all sales are final.

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