Q: What are your processing fee charges?
There is a $4.00 processing fee on all orders. 

Q:  What are the limits for ordering per inmate?

A:  Inmates are allowed to order one package per week not to exceed $35.00.


Q: Why can’t I place an order for an inmate? 

A: Inmates may be restricted from receiving a package for various reasons. This could be due to a request from the facility or it could be because the inmate received an order that was later denied by the credit card cardholder for possible suspicious activity. In such a case, the inmate will no longer be able to receive orders. The inmate’s full order privileges can be reinstated if the full amount of the denied credit card transaction is paid in full.  For further assistance in this matter please call Securepak customer service at 1-800-546-6283.

Q: When will the order arrive at the facility?
A: All orders will be arriving at the correctional facility weekly. The institution will be distributing the packages to the offenders shortly after the shipment arrives at the facility.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept: Credit/debit cards (VISA, Discover or MasterCard logos) and prepaid credit cards (if refund/credit is due the process might be slightly longer than usual). ORDERS PLACED WITH A CREDIT, DEBIT, OR PRE-PAID CARD: We do not accept prepaid credit cards that lack the ability to assign a valid United States address to the card holder. Orders placed with a credit, debit, or pre-paid card will be charged on the day the order is placed. Any refunds/credits due will be applied to the original card used. Please allow additional time for refunds/credits to be processed when using a prepaid card. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED.

Q: My pre-paid credit card does not have a billing address. Can I use it on this site?
A: You must first call, or visit the website, of the pre-paid credit card company to register a billing address for the credit card so that you can use it for online shopping sites that validate a billing address. Our site always validates a billing address.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: Internet: kentpackages.com

    Phone: 1-800-546-6283 

    **From family and friends only 

Q: How do I check on an order?

A: Please call 1-800-546-6283 or write to us at Customer Service, Access Securepak, 10880 Linpage Place, St. Louis, MO 63132. You can also send us an email at customerservice@securepak.net.

Q:  How do I report a discrepancy with the order (item missing, wrong product, etc)? 
A:  The inmate will be given an opportunity to check the contents of the package in the presence of an employee from the facility. If there is an issue with the order, the employee will verify it and send the paperwork to Access Securepak®. All discrepancies must be reported from the facility and we cannot honor any discrepancies reported from family members or friends of the inmate. 

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