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Access Securepak® allows you to control full implementation of the program; making sure the Securepak program meets the unique needs of your particular institution.

When designing a custom package program, you should consider:

  • The safety of your officers and inmates
  • The cost to process incoming packages
  • The vendor's ability to deliver packages in a timely manner
  • The vendor's variety of products and 'correctional friendly' packaging
  • Experience in implementing a statewide package program

How Securepak® will help ensure a secured environment:

  • Securepak® offers the most 'correctional friendly' commissary items in the correctional industry
  • Orders are packaged at Keefe's secured warehouse
  • Boxes are sealed with a pre-printed, tamper evident tape to ensure the security of the packages
  • All employees undergo an extensive screening process and background check
  • Securepak eliminates the need to search and x-ray packages from outside sources
  • Consolidate shipments from various companies
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