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Q: Is this the same as SecureDeposits?
A: No.  This account is completely separate, and is in no way connected to your SecureDeposits account.  This new prepaid account is only used for placing Securepak orders.  Only the inmate can use this for Securepak orders.

Q: How can I deposit money?
A: Deposits can be made at any time, by any one.  You can deposit from this website, or send in a money order to our office at: Access Securepak, P.O. Box 50028, Sparks, NV 89435-0028 (the Inmate’s Name and Number must accompany each payment).

Q: What additional fees are charged for this service?
A: There are absolutely no additional fees for this service.  The amount that you deposit is the amount the inmate will receive in their account.

Q: How does my inmate know they have money?
A: Every time a deposit is made we will send your inmate a postcard with the deposit amount and their current account balance.  We also send one after an order is placed using his prepaid account that shows the new account balance.  These postcards come in a sealed envelope to ensure the privacy of the inmate’s account information.

Q: Can this money be used for commissary?
A: No, this money is only used in placing orders from Securepak. 

Q: What happens to the money when my inmate is released?
A: After an inmate is released, they will have to contact Securepak and let us know that they want to clear their account.  Once we have verified an inmate’s release.  Any money left in the prepaid account will be refunded back to the person who made the deposit.  It will be refunded from the most recent deposit backwards.  For instance, if you deposit $50 and your inmate spends $25 and is then released, you would receive a refund of $25.

Q: What happens to the money if the order is returned to Securepak?
A: If an order is returned to Securepak, a refund for the order will be processed and the money will go back to the inmate’s prepaid account for them to use again.

Q: Can you tell me how much money my inmate currently has?
A: No.  We are not allowed to disclose any inmate’s account balance.  The inmate receives notification of all deposits with their current balance total. 

Q: Can I see who else is sending my inmate money?
A: No.  We are not allowed to disclose any of our other customers’ information. 

Q: How much money am I allowed to deposit?
A: Each deposit is limited to $250, and their total account balance cannot exceed $1,500.  We also have a minimum deposit amount of $25.

Q: How do I set up a prepaid account for my inmate?
A: There is no account setup process.  The account is created for you automatically when their first deposit is placed. 

Q: Am I allowed to spend money other people have deposited?
A: No.  All money deposited to an inmate’s prepaid account can only be spent by the inmate to order a package for themselves. 

Q: Can I request certain items NOT be ordered with my deposited money?
A: No.  Once deposited the money is the inmate’s to use as they wish.  You are more than welcome to communicate to your inmate what you want them to purchase. 

Q: How does my inmate send in an order to use their prepaid account?
A: To use their prepaid account, the inmate just needs to fill out the order form in the back of the Securepak catalog and select “Prepaid Account” as their payment option and sign on the line below.  The order will be keyed by our staff and the order total will be deducted from their account.


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